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Dutch Indonesian Cuisine

Indonesian food is on the other side of the culinary spectrum in Holland. It is the result of Dutch exportation and colonization and has its basis in the expression of the contemporary and exotic flavors that the colonies had to offer.

Still today, Indonesian influences can be experienced in every nook and cranny of Holland, including the multitude of Oriental restaurants and shops.

Indonesian cooking is an exciting art that cannot simply be learned from eating the food, but requires an understanding of the principles on which Indonesian dishes were founded.

True Indonesian cuisine requires careful schooling, time and patience, as well as a wide variety of exotic ingredients.

What They Say

Johan Engelbrecht (from Boksburg)

"I am highly impressed with your food, loaction and vibe. Local at its best "

Sonia Naidoo (from Boksburg)

"My husband and I got married at Lemongrass on 4th October 2008,and it was THE best experience I've ever had. All was beautifully laid out, service and food was, as expected, amazing! Been back a number of times, and will continue to support Lemongrass."

"Sean Robertson (from Johannesburg)

Brilliant service and food. We highly recommend not only the restaurant but the catering services as well... professional and beyond amazing.

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